Tennessee Bouldering Authority

3804 Saint Elmo Ave

(423) 822-6800

This is a climbing and bouldering gym with yoga and core classes and a training area with weights. When asked about shirtless policy, the response was an enthusiastic, "No shirts required. Come on in!" Another contributor says he remembers there were often several guys shirtless in the gym several years ago when he visited a few times.

Policy confirmed by email,

March 2012

Urban Rocks Gym

1007 Appling St

(423) 475-6578

This is a climbing gym featuring top rope, indoor lead, and bouldering. They do not have a policy against going shirtless. They say they keep the gym cool enough you shouldn't have to take your shirt off, but no problem if you want to. There are several pics on the web site of guys with their shirts off in the gym, but often there will be quite a few guys in the gym and all of them with their shirts on.

Policy confirmed by email,

March 2012


Ronnie's Gym

234 3rd St SW

(423) 339-1148

This is a very small gym where they don't care if guys don't wear a shirt. They have weights, a heavy bag, a few treadmills, and 24-7 access via key card. There is a sign saying shirts are required, but when asked over the phone they said there was no problem with guys going shirtless and I always trained there shirtless.

Policy confirmed by phone and personal experience,

2008 (or thereabouts)

I believe this gym has closed down, but it looked like they had kept all of the gym equipment in place last time I was in the area. Does anyone know if it may be re-opening, perhaps having been sold to a new owner, etc?