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This wiki provides a public resource for those who would like to find a gym, recreation facility, sports team, etc. that is shirtless-friendly. "Shirtlessness" or "Barechestedness" is usually prohibited even at places where you would expect to be shirtless. This wiki documents any location where shirts are not forced. Anyone is free to edit the wiki to add information to the directory or supply updates. Please explain how you know the facility is shirtless-friendly (is it official policy, or have you visited the facility shirtless?), the degree of openness to shirtlessness (is shirtlessness allowed in some areas but not others? what percentage of other patrons are shirtless?), and when you verified this (were you there last week, or was it four years ago before you moved?). Businesses are also welcome to add themselves to the directory as well.

This wiki supplements the original directory by The wiki format makes it easier to contribute, and faster and more scalable than everything going through a single person, so hopefully we will get more content and keep it more up to date.

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Please create a message board if there isn't one already. This is necessary for people to provide feedback and accurate information about how their area of the world accepts shirtlessness. This is especially important because of the changes made to Wikia. (It is now "Fandom".)



It has been pointed out that Crossfit gyms are almost universally accepting of shirtlessness. They focus on working hard and tend not to have lame rules restricting apparel. They are independently owned, however, and each has their own policies. Note: CrossFit provides physical fitness classes and some locations do not have "open gym" weight rooms. However, that does not mean they have a "shirt required" policy.

Crunch GymEdit

[1] This gym at 22:38 - 23:39 is at a Crunch Gym. [2]

Flex Plex CanadaEdit

Flex Plex Canada [3] (also known as "Flex Plex Muscle & Fitness") It does not ban tank tops, shirtlessness, posing, or chalk. It is full service that includes large dumbbells, tanning beds, a supplement store, as well as a dedicated posing area.

Iron Addicts GymEdit



Powerhouse GymEdit

[5] Some gyms allow shirtless posing.

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To find out information about the dress codes of other locations:

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    Comment: Mostly near the shore where shirtlessness is gereally more common than eleswhere in the state.

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